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Dr. Michael Doblin

“Sleep apnea and snoring treatment options, without the use of CPAP.”
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Fair Lawn 26-07 Broadway New Jersey 07024
Work Phone: 1-855-859-3300 Website: http://athomesleepsolutions.com
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My approach to patient care emphasizes gentle treatment, patience, the latest knowledge of industry practices, and the use of high-quality products. I am known for providing customized treatment that meets the needs of each individual patient.

My goal is to provide effective treatment that results in improved sleep patterns as well as a healthy lifestyle that the patient and others will notice.

Dr. Doblin’s practice “At Home Sleep Solutions” provides a sleep test that is taken in the comfort of your own home. With the results from the sleep test, he uses the CPAP alternative, Oral Appliance Therapy, which is an oral device used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This has been a well-documented and highly accepted method in treating OSA among our patients.


Importance of Oxygenation

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